Deal Making Conferences 

The NextSite Team will be involved in representing the opportunities in our client cities at Retail Real Estate Conferences across the U.S. Our schedule for the next 12 months includes the following conferences:


Southeast Deal Making

Florida Deal Making

New York Deal Making

Texas Deal Making

Chicago Deal Making


Carolinas Deal Making

Gulf South Idea Exchange

TN/KY Idea Exchange

Midwest Idea Exchange

West Florida Idea Exchange

Ohio Idea Exchange 


Pro-active Retail Recruitment 

The most important service we provide is pro-actively recruiting the identified target retailers/restaurants through the commercial real estate developers and tenant reps who help drive the location decision. Our team is also tasked with communicating and providing assistance to the local property owners and commercial real estate professionals in our client cities while also keeping the primary city contacts updated on the progress of our recruitment efforts. Using the trade area analytics and marketing materials generated by the NextSite team and its strategic partners, we market the opportunities in your community to our network of developers, tenant reps and retailers through direct contact portfolio reviews, social media, email marketing, partner solutions and ICSC conferences across the U.S.

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